Successful screen for Iran Shopping Mall Published:2015-11-16
Customer requirements and challenges
Higher requirement for visual quality

Iran shopping mall’s advertiser demanded superior image quality, and it is a vital advantage to help the shopping mall network being competitive among the other advertising companies.

Greater content management flexibility

The ability to display advertisements during specific hours and for a shorter time periods was required and the LED screen needed to be compatible with software that can divide it into sections to allow for multiple advertisements to be displayed simultaneously.

Transtech Solution
Transtech recommended that the existing TRT I-Vision series, which is highly appreciated by our customers. TRT I-Vision series are specially designed for fixed indoor application. Available in Pitch 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm&10mm. Features as below:
1. Special mask design prevents light-reflection.
2. Black 3-in-1SMD, allowing wide viewing angle and provide high-contrast images.
3. With optional front or rear access, front service with magnet.
4. Flexible on size of cabinets & modules which makes easy customize design.