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Manufacturing Base

PrismaChina is the manufacturing base set up by TransTech LED Co.,Ltd together with Prismaflex France, facilitied with  most advanced equip-ment like Panasonic SMT, AI machine & most experienced international team. 

From 1st floor to 4th floor, you will see the well-organized workshops and most-advanced equipment for production & inspection. In addition what differentiate Transtech from other manufacturers mostly is the bar-code traceability system. This system not only help our clients track the components being used, but also provide data to our QA to do deep analysis and hence achieve continuous improvement of process and products.

Transtech makes quality & price an ideal combination as we have the factory management team from France and technologyfrom Europe & U.S, the client demands & details can be better comprehended & realized here. With the most stringent quality management system, integrated supply chain and environment friendly & quality components, we can commit our  clients with costeffective but reliable solutions which in turn maximize clients ROI.